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South Winchelsea Island is one of 19 islands making up the Ballenas-Winchelsea Archipelago.  Because few people arrive on these islands, South Winchelsea contains a relatively undisturbed Garry oak - Arbutus  ecosystem and provides nesting and resting habitat for many sea birds, such as the Black Oystercatcher.  California and Stellar sea lions often bask in the sun on the shores of the island. 

The Ballenas-Winchelsea Islands are blanketed with mosses, lichens, and wildflowers, including a number of rare species, exceptionally vulnerable to human impacts.  The Islands Trust Fund, TLC The Land Conservancy of BC, and the Nanaimo & Area Land Trust  worked together to purchase and protect South Winchelsea Island when the once-private island became available.  The Nature Trust of British Columbia now owns the island, and the Islands Trust Fund and Nanaimo & Area Land Trust hold a conservation covenant on the island, adding a second layer of permanent protection for the property.  The Islands Trust Fund monitors the property annually and works with the Nature Trust to make sure the biodiversity values of the island remain for the future.

CSS - Steil

The Steils and the Steil's Woods Covenant

After more than 50 years immersed in the hustle and bustle of the lower mainland, Sara and Richard Steil now enjoy a quieter life surrounded by natural habitat they protected with a conservation covenant.

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