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We hope these publications help you discover more about conservation and stewardship in the islands and how you can become involved.

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New! ITF Annual Report [PDF]

View the 2016/2017 Islands Trust Fund Annual Report.




The Heron, Summer 2017 [PDF]

Learn about the latest conservation successes and our ongoing projects.


Our Annual Report

Previous Islands Trust Fund annual reports are in sections of the Islands Trust's annual reports. Click here to see previous versions of the Islands Trust's annual reports.

Our Strategic Planning
      •    2018-2027 DRAFT Regional Conservation Plan [PDF]
       •   2011-2017 Regional Conservation Plan Accomplishments [PDF]
       •   2011-2017 Regional Conservation Plan [PDF] 
       •   Summary of the 2015 status update for the Regional Conservation Plan [PDF] 
       •   A Plan for Conservation: Working Together to Protect the Salish Sea  [PDF]
       •   2011-2015 Regional Conservation Plan [PDF]
       •   April Status Update for the Regional Conservation Plan  [PDF]
       •   Islands Trust Fund Board Five-Year Plan (2013-2017) [PDF]
       •   Securement Strategy (2017-2027) [PDF]
       •   Property Management Strategy [PDF]
Our Newsletter - The Heron
       •   2016-2017 Winter edition [PDF]
       •   2015-2016 Winter edition [PDF]
       •   2014-2015 Winter edition [PDF]
       •   2013 Winter edition [PDF]
       •   2013 Summer edition [PDF]
       •   2012 Spring edition [PDF]
       •   2011 Spring/Summer edition [PDF]
       •   2010 Spring edition [PDF]
       •   2009 Winter edition [PDF]
       •   2009 Fall edition [PDF]
How to Protect Land with the Islands Trust Fund
       •   McFadden Creek Nature Sanctuary Property Management Plan [PDF]
       •   Lasqueti Island - Conserving this Special Place [PDF]
       •   Conservation Covenants [PDF]
       •   NAPTEP (the Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program) [PDF]
Scientific Studies
       •   Carbon and Biodiversity Mapping and Assessment for the Islands Trust Area [PDF]
       •   2012-13 Nearshore Eelgrass Inventory [PDF]
       •   Forage Fish Habitat Suitability Assessment - Thetis, Hornby, Denman [PDF]
       •   Forage Fish Habitat Suitability Assessment - North and South Pender [PDF]
       •   Forage Fish Habitat Suitability Assessment - Galiano [PDF]
       •   Forage Fish Habitat Suitability Assessment - Lasqueti [PDF]
       •   Forage Fish Habitat Suitability Assessment - Salt Spring and Wallace [PDF]
       •   Forage Fish Habitat Suitability Assessment - Valdes [PDF]
 Nature Reserve Management Plans
       •   Brigade Bay Bluffs & Long Bay Creek Wetland Nature Reserves, Gambier Island [PDF]
       •   Burren's Acres Nature Reserve, Gabriola Island [PDF]
       •   Coats Millstone Nature Reserve, Gabriola Island [PDF]
       •   Cyril Cunningham Nature Reserve, Salt Spring Island [PDF]
       •   David Otter Nature Reserve, Bowen Island [PDF]
       •   Deep Ridge Nature Reserve, Salt Spring Island [PDF]
       •   Elder Cedar Nature Reserve, Gabriola Island [PDF]
       •   Fairy Fen Nature Reserve, Bowen Island [PDF]
       •   Horton Bayviary Nature Reserve, Mayne Island [PDF]
       •   Inner Island Nature Reserve, Denman Island [PDF]
       •   John Osland Nature Reserve, Lasqueti Island [PDF]
       •   Kwel Nature Reserve, Lasqueti Island [PDF]
       •   Lindsay Dickson Nature Reserve, Denman Island [PDF]
       •   Lower Mt. Erskine Nature Reserve, Salt Spring Island [PDF]
       •   McFadden Creek Nature Santuary, Salt Spring Island [PDF]
       •   Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary, North Pender Island [PDF]
       •   Morrison Marsh Nature Reserve, Denman Island [PDF]
       •   Mt. Artaban Nature Reserve, Gambier Island [PDF]
       •   Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve, Lasqueti Island [PDF]
       •   Ruby Alton Nature Reserve, Salt Spring Island [PDF]
       •   Singing Woods Nature Reserve, Bowen Island [PDF]
       •   Trincomali Nature Sanctuary, Galiano Island [PDF]
       •   Vanilla Leaf Land (DL 58) Nature Reserve, Galiano Island [PDF]


Conservation Success Story: Steil's Woods Covenant

After more than 50 years immersed in the hustle and bustle of the lower mainland, Sara and Richard Steil now enjoy a quieter life surrounded by natural habitat they protected with a conservation covenant.

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